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Bat City TV came to us looking for a logo for their brand new start-up. Something that instantly captures their attitude and services at a glance. We worked through several options but we kept returning to this central idea of the bat coming out of the static in the screen. Once we had a final it was a no-brainer to add a little bit of animation to push this over the edge.



We were approached by the non-profit Dan and the Lion's Den looking for a little bit of help getting their organization online. We put together a website for them to act as a central hub for their content as well as a convenient location to collect donations.



Fburg is an improv comedy troupe performing out of ColdTowne Theater who were brought together after a wine-filled weekend in Fredericksburg, TX. This logo captures not only the wine-soaked getaway but the happy accidents that often lead to the best comedy.


EAST 2018

Badhouse Collective had our first official party at East Austin Studio Tour in 2018, and we showed up in force. We produced stickers and posters, sold t-shirts and beer koozies, and partnered up with Big Bend Brewery to keep the good times flowing.



Flavor Raid is a local musician who needed some assistance in getting his online presence up and running. We worked with him closely to not only develop the look and feel, but put the website together just in time for his big performance at the Formula 1 Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas in 2017.



Goodbye Jacob is a yearly gathering of friends and like-minded individuals to get together and drink some wine and send off paper lanterns into the night. We worked on the illustration to capture their patron-bro-saint Jacob, in all of his glory. 



Badhouse Collective was given the opportunity to work with a local improv show based around improvised documentaries. These show posters take iconic images from well-known documentaries and gives each of them an Austin twist.



The Nitty Gritty Ditties were a short-lived series of concerts and pop-up shops showcasing the best of local Austin talent. We worked to create a vibrant identity for the showcase and a poster for each of the four planned events.



ColdTowne Theater has a rotating assortment of monthly improv showcases. We were approached by one of the teams asking us to build out some collateral for their June 2017 showcase. Each of the shows had a very different premise, but they were all tied together through the idea of comedic timing.



Palm Trees of Austin is a local Instagram photographer who was looking to expand his brand and build some identity. We wanted to build a tight, succinct logo with enough strength behind it to be used as a single mark. We landed on the palm trees making up the 'A', and from there we were able to build out his branding organically, producing a pattern mark and business card to tie it all together.



All of the work we present or display, from the website itself to our logo, was produced 100% in house by Badhouse Collective. We're interested in new ideas and new directions, and are just as excited by the journey as our final destination.

Interested in collaborating on a project? Get in touch via email: